Pizza is a simple food.  Dough, tomatoes, cheese, toppings.  But the perfect pizza is not just a recipe, it’s an ever evolving learning experience and obsession expressed in the form of a “craft” and it’s through that craft Pitfire expresses its single most important objective and that is to inspire with a simple food. 


Mastering the craft begins with Pitfire's unique and flavorful crust, which has evolved over the last five years to what is best described as “New York meets Neapolitan” in that the pizzas are made with Italian Caputo OO flour but then mixed to a New York Style dough recipe. The pizzas are then topped with crushed Italian tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, which is locally made right here in Dubai by Italian artisan cheese makers and delivered to us daily.  All this Italian influence then comes together in Pitifire's gas fired New York "deck oven" and hence the marriage between two pizza styles!


Pitfire Pizza in JLT mixes its dough daily and proof it for 48 hours producing a crust that is visually handsome, full of flavor and aroma, is soft yet crispy and always funked-up with our non-traditional topping combinations and seasonal specials.


Most importantly Pitifre's pizza is highly digestible due to the artisan mixing and fermentation processes which allows the yeast to work on the sugars and starches within the flour for 48 hours.  Unlike most of the pizza in Dubai you’ll never be left feeling sick, heavy or tired after eating a Pitfire Pizza.


Pitfire's sweet Italian fennel sausage along with all of its deserts, dressings and most all of its pizza toppings are house-made daily.

Pitfire Pizza



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