Coming to JLT in 2018 - the JLT Battle of the Chefs. The knives are out! More details soon - keep an eye on our Facebook to participate in the voting!

Coming soon to your neighbourhood - mystery dining in JLT. A neighbourhood dining event to bring together JLT residents, office dwellers, and visitors. We pick the date and the restaurant - all you need to do is turn up on time at the mystery meeting place. Full details coming soon! Subscribe to our Facebook Events feed today to be the first to find out!

2017 was fun, but 2018 is going to be even bigger & better! Following the success of the #JLTdiningAwards2017 , we're bringing the JLT Restaurant Awards back in autumn 2018. Click here for details!

Pizza! Everyone loves pizza, right? If you’re a JLT resident, visitor, or office dweller, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to grabbing a pizza pie in and around the Almas Tower, but which restaurant sells the ultimate pizza? Enter the first-ever JLT Battle of the Chefs!